Resurgent India - A SuperPower in making!

Resurgent India is a journey of introspection. Under this theme, we traverse areas of national significance
- economy, human resource development, political ecosystem and socio-cultural harmony.

Aryas (Grade 4th to 6th), Chanakyas (Grade 7th to 9th) & Mauryas (Grade 10th to 12th)

State Team Selection

Theme: Cultural Reimagining

States’ unique input on how the Indian culture needs to be reimagined as a whole

Debate Format

1 vs 1, 3 mins speeches

Chance to play 3 matches


Nationally Recognized Certificate
1 year AugLi App Subscription
3 Months Membership of AugLi Book Club

Inter State Matches

Theme: Aspirational India

Setting the agendas for an Empowered India in Global Context

Debate Format

3 vs 3 Team matches

Asian Parliamentary


Globally Recognized Certificate
Wild Card Entry to IDL Finals
Training from India's best coaches

National Finals

Theme: Possible Pathways

Propose policies for India to do better in the various dimensions

Debate Format

3 vs 3 Team matches

World School Debating Championship

Awards & Recognition

Globally Recognized Certificate
Wild Card Entry to ISDS Finals
Training from World's best coaches

Thankful for their Guidance in shaping the IDL

Worlds Best Debating experience is enabled by the Best-In-Class guidance received over many sessions with our Global Champions and Adjudicators, sharing years of experience

Videos of IDL Finals for each category

International Debating Opportunities

Debating MasterClass by International CAs