Our Story

AugLi helps you to be aware, have a point of view & express yourself better


The world is going through accelerated change. This rapid pace opens up many possibilities for our children. But with 65% of future jobs yet to be envisaged, we should prepare them for life rather than just colleges and careers. We need to empower them with critical skills and values that will enable them to be adaptable, innovative, and purpose-driven in tomorrow’s world.

As future leaders, they will need to be able to sieve through hyper information and varied opinions and be able to think creatively to form and communicate their own perspective. For well-communicated ideas have the power to influence people, events and the circumstances for the better.

We founded Augmented to help broaden their horizons and ignite daily conversations in their individual areas of passion, the 21st century way. We recognise that each child is unique and have built the learning framework such that it adapts and personalizes itself to each individual.

Welcome to the new way of learning!