Frankenstein Debating Tournament 2023 at IIT Delhi

Dino(Grades 4th to 6th), Vampire(Grades 7th to 9th) & Dragon(Grades 10th to 12th)

Come join us and debate on how we can destroy the Monsters of Modernity we have created with "Frankenstein Debating Tournament" this May.

Registration open till 3rd May

Debating makes confident communicators
And what makes a good Debator?

1. Know


Make knowledge seeking a habit with daily curated news and interest-based high-quality articles.

2. Understand


Help them build thinking skills By having quality discussions on real world topics.

3. Express


Express Point of View Influence by leading the discussion with logical reasoning.

For Millennials or Generation Y,
good grades are not just

good enough

Our world is changing fast and in order to get ahead,
student need the soft skills, practical skills and
entrepreneurial mindset that are essential for success in