Frankenstein Debating Tournament 2022 Online

Dino(Grades 4th to 6th), Vampire(Grades 7th to 9th) & Dragon(Grades 10th to 12th)

After having sent Teams to Best International Debating Tournaments across Harvard, Oxford, Prague and many more, the Indian Debating League, the biggest debating tournament in India, is organizing Mega Debate on the most important topic that we face as a human race - 'Sustainability of our Livelihood, our Global Community & our Planet' in collaboration with Planet X.

Come join us and debate on how we can destroy the Monsters we have created with "Frankenstein Debating Tournament" this June.

Registration open till 14th June

Qualifiers (1 Vs 1, 3 Matches)

Major Themes

Clean oceans, Climate Finance, Energy Transitions,
Mobility and Sustainable Agriculture

Skills to focus on

Communication & Critical Thinking


Globally Recognized Certificate

Semi Finals (3 VS 3, AP Format)

Major Themes

No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health,
Gender & Social Equality

Skills to focus on

Communication, Critical Thinking & Collaboration


Globally Recognized Certificate
Wild Card Entry to International tournaments

Final (3 VS 3, WSDC Format)

Major Themes

Sustainable Development Goals
for 2030 by united Nations

Skills to focus on

Communication, Critical & Creative Thinking and Collaboration

Awards & Recognition

Globally Recognized Certificate
Wild Card Entry to International tournaments

Judge for Frankenstein

Harish Natarajan

Harish was the first person to participate (and win) in a public debate against IBM's Project Debater in 2019 . He is a former European Debating Champion, a finalist at the World Championships, and the winner of over 30 major competitions across the World. He currently coaches the Hong Kong schools debating team, and has taught debating and public speaking in over 20 countries across the world. Harish is the Head of Economic Analysis and a specialist in sovereign finance at AKE International, an economic and political risk consultancy based in London. He is a graduate of the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge.

Debating makes confident communicators
And what makes a good Debator?

1. Know


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2. Understand


Help them build thinking skills By having quality discussions on real world topics.

3. Express


Express Point of View Influence by leading the discussion with logical reasoning.

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