AugLi City Debating Club

Building Future Leaders

City Debating Club will groom you to become one of the the best debaters and speakers of India with a special focus on an all-around development.

As a member, you interact with like-minded peers of your age and also get to constantly evolve through speaking pathways, leadership positions, guided training to carry out roles like evaluation, mentorship, and real-time future preparation.

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What do you get as a Club Member?

Semi-supervised public speaking and debating club, moderated by the Best Adjudicators!


Multi-level approach for debating and speaking, where you get to learn different formats scaffolded into various difficulty levels. Dedicated training for each level, through structured feedback and evaluation helps you leap forward faster.


Apart from Debating and Speaking, the club enables holistic development through varied speaker roles including moderator, evaluator and interjector. Exclusive themes for each meeting enhance your knowledge in diverse domains - SDG’s, Law, Economy, Technology and many more.


Lead your city club and get hands on experience with the real world. Perform roles like president, and council members with the help of proper training and guidance by global leaders.


Dedicated workshops for future preparations including foreign application, and interviews. The club also allows you to simultaneously practice and enhance these skills through mock interviews, G.D, case studies and on spot essay/argumentative writing.

Expert Mentors

Harish Natarajan

European Debating Champion
Oxford and Cambridge Alumni

Brian Wong

Governor, Hong Kong Debate Society
Oxford Alumni

Sharmila Parmanand

Board Member, World School Debating Championship, LSE and Cambridge Alumni

How do we help you achieve these skills ?

Public Speaking & Debating Program is specially designed for school and college students to train and guide them to achieve the 21st century skills and be successful future leaders in the field of their choice.

Skill Building

Regular weekly discussions to build Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration Skills.

SAI based unlimited

Participate in Skill based games and quizzes that will be personalized to your learning paths.

Community of like-minded

Connect with youngsters with similar interests and gain from collective passionate debates

Session from leading Global

Webinars and discussions with industry experts every week to energize the curious minds.

For Millennials or Generation Y,
just good grades are not good enough

This is where AugLi City Debating Club comes in.